Ethics Statement

ARC is intended to be a resource to app publishers and developers and as such the editorial opportunities for ARC are extensive. The publication has the ability to fundamentally redefine both the journalism and company-branded content industries. This confluence creates some unique challenges that ARC will be very honest and forthright about while executing its mission to inform, entertain and enlighten the apps economy.

The editors will speak the truth at ARC. We will strive to make sense of the apps economy with as much thought, analysis and clarity as possible. Some customers of Applause are the biggest tech companies in the world. In treating such subjects, ARC will aim to inform first and foremost. When ARC comes with critique analysis and opinion, it will be intelligent and researched based.

ARC is a technology publication, but it is not a general-purpose technology publication. It serves the apps economy with the belief that software is eating the world. Hence topics on ARC will be driven by the need to inform, entertain and explain the apps economy. Because that is ARCs editorial focus, certain controversial topics that readers may find on other tech publications will not be found on ARC. Part of the reason for this is to indemnify ourselves against the backlash of certain large clients. The editors at ARC will be honest and transparent about when they do or do not cover a specific topic.

We trust our team members and editors to know the difference between informing the community and over-criticism of otherwise well meaning companies and publishers. When we present our own opinions, they will be clearly marked as such: our own opinions and not necessarily reflective of the ethos or practices of Applause. Facts, research and intellectual discourse are our primary tools.