Mission Statement

To be the go-to resource for every aspect of succeeding in the apps economy—delivering expert editorial, data and analysis to everyone in the business of building, designing, marketing and using apps.

By 2017, an estimated 4.4 billion people in the world will be interacting with their computers via applications. Think about it: nearly 60% of the world’s population will be affected by apps. The power of platforms and developers may never be greater.

Apps have the ability to directly reach into your home, your car, your pocket and touch you. Apps help get stuff done, help you reach out to loved ones. They help people gets jobs, make money, spend money, express creativity, be productive. All aspects of human behavior and business practices will be defined by apps.

Here at ARC—the Application Resource Center from Applause—we believe in the power of ubiquitous computing—a smartphone in every pocket, a connected sensor on every machine. We believe that the world is changing and that app developers, companies and users need a resource to help them navigate the immense opportunities and challenges of this app-driven world.

Where software affects the world, ARC is there. We have a pretty big job. There is nowhere that software and apps won’t eventually touch. We will bring data to the enterprise, resources to developers, news and analysis to the enthusiast.